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Santmat Science Sant Mat
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Science of Sant Mat

( As explained by my Sat Guru Shrimat Paramahansa Sarananandji )

The spirituality is the continuous process in which GOD refines HIMSELF. For this purpose HE incarnates in the form of a living GURU.

sceince_santmat_image1.jpgGURU purifies us & leads us to our happy home by the following mechanism.

Step I

The first step is to take the initiation (Seeding, Mantra) from a Self Realized living Guru and follow his teachings honestly with complete surrenderness. The misson of Guru is to realize our oneness with the Creator.

How initiation works?
This initiation starts growing of spiritual knowledge within the devotee. It is like litting one lamp with the flame of another, so the divine power consisting of Mantra is communicated from Guru to the disciple.
Guru is the seed as well as infinitely expanded tree of all good qualities and wisdom. Guru is a magnate with strong force of attraction. Guru is the destiny i.e; everlasting joyful bliss (sat chit anand). Guru is one in all creature. Guru is the concept of all good qualities. Guru enters in desciples through initiation and sits on Sahastrar chakra ( just above the eyebrow chakra/ajna chakra) with the soul of devotee. This closeness of soul with Guru (the Magnetic Seed of all good) induces the magnetism in the disciple’s soul.

Step 2

Progress by practice
The desciple’s journey to the God then automatically starts through ajapa-jap mechanism. Only requirement is the sincerely practice of the surat shabd yoga as taught by guru.

The magnetism of good qualities starts developing in disciple’s soul. It is due to cleaning/removal of all those causes which are hindering the magnetism in devotee. In this path there is no need to follow the lengthy and tedious procedures of cleaning lower chakras. Cleaning starts automatically, as it is done by the Guru’s grace provided disciple is in tune with Guru. This tuning is achieved by the simple meditation method as taught during initiation. Guru by his power removes all hindering factors trapped in various chakras of body. The soul becomes free and gets the magnetic properties to attract good qualities in himself. Guru now starts moving to sat chit anand and soul also follows the path by the attraction power of Guru.

Step 3

Various Experiences
During this journey to Super Conciousness soul passes various stations (various level of cosciousness) along with Guru. Soul & Guru both stays for sometime in each station. The effects and experiences of these consciousness level get fill in disciple and can be seen in his mundane activities.

Step 4

GURU makes GURU- an eternal cycle
After reaching the Super Conscious abode, the soul is no longer a mere soul but becomes the God, the Super Consciousness, the seed and infinitely explored tree of good qualities. Thus Satguru makes Satguru to fulfil his mission. This cycle is eternal.
For more details visit our Sant Mat Anuyayi Ashram Math Gadwa Ghat Varanasi, India. Please contact us to confirm Guruji availabilty at varanasi ashram before planning the visit.