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  • Swami Harsevanand Public school & hostel

    It has the faculties of Humanities, Sciences, Languages, Engineering Technology, and Physical Education, and facilities for learning Drawing, Painting, Handwork, Music and Dancing (Indian and Western), Dramatics, and Arts and Crafts. There are also, facilities for practical and manual work, and several libraries and laboratories.

  • ot.jpgSwami Harsevanand Hospital & Research centre

    (Nevada,B.H.U. – D.L.W. Road, Sunderpur, Varanasi)

    Searving the care to the people belonging to poor & economically weaker section at the minimum cost.
    Offering outpatient department treatment along with other medical facilities

    Free treatment of cataract by conducting camps twicec in year

  • Mission of the Trust

    Free meals to poors in an atmosphere of respect, acceptance and love.

    Helping the deprived and the oppressed sections of the society.

    Shelter, food, and clothing is provided to all the inmates of the Ashram.

  • Sant Mat Anuyayi Ashram – Math Gadwa Ghat
    A spiritual school where sages lives in peace and tranquility amidst nature. Ashram is a residence for saints and spiritual aspirants. Ashram is the dwelling place of a SatGuru where seekers engage in spiritual practices as taught by SatGuru. The Ashram sustains a very simple peaceful, spiritual life style with certain discipline to maintain its real purpose . Ashram derives its income for daily upkeep primarily from general donations, agriculture, and dairy farming in ashrams.

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Welcome to Guru Santmat Ashram
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Gurupurnima 2018

  गुरु-पूर्णिमा पर्व


प्रतिवर्ष की भाँति गुरु-पूर्णिमा पर्व, इस वर्ष दिनांक 27 जुलाई 2018, दिन शुक्रवार, को गड़वाघाट आश्रम वाराणसी में  मनाया जायेगा।



What is Sant Mat?



( As explained by my Sat Guru Shrimat Paramahansa Sarananandji )

The universe is made up of two forces, the positive divine force and the negative satanic force. Positive force consists of all good qualities like love, truthfulness, humility, mercy etc. Negative force consists of all bad qualities like hate, cruelty, delusions, miseries etc. Both forces have their power to exert on contact. Both forces try to pull us towards them and to keep us in their cycle. We all belong to the part of God, the posive power, the Super Consciousness, but due to contact with the illusory negative forces( maya, the delusion), we have forgotten ourselves. We are the child of God. It is the duty of parent (God) to take us to our home of joy provided we are willing to go there. God refines his home and family in order to maintain peace, happiness and joy in His territory. It is His continuous refining process, which HE does by incarnating HIMSELF in the form of living GURU. God comes in earth as Satguru ( a living saint) so that we can follow HIM to reach the home of GOD. The path of this entire journey by which a GURU (God) takes his deciples to make them Guru is Sant Mat.


Santmat is an ancient spiritual path to realize the existance of God within. The knowledge of sant mat is termed as hansa vidya, maha vidya, or para vidya.The wordly meaning of the sant mat is “the Holy Path”. It is the fearless, easiest, surest, quickest, and safest path for God-consciousness. In this path Guru (the Master) awakens the hidden divine power in the disciple and estabilishes his oneness with HIM. The path is so fast like flying to God, that is why it is called Vihangam marg (path of birds). The Self is realized very easily through sant mat  without any hard steps hence it is known as Sahaj yoga also.


A true Guru must be a living saint only. The Guru is none other than the Supreme Divine power, descended into the world in order to elevate the aspirant .The true Guru has the power to sublimate human miseries, and to fill joy and happiness in diciple’s life. The only requirement of this path is the complete surrenderness to Guru. Once initiated by a true Guru (presently Swami Sarnanandji Maharaj,  math Gadwa Ghat Varanasi, India) these practises of Sant mat (abhyas yoga) can be followed by anyone and anywhere in the world.