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Science of Sant Mat

  Science of Sant Mat ( As explained by my Sat Guru Shrimat Paramahansa Sarananandji ) The spirituality is the continuous process in which GOD refines HIMSELF. For this purpose HE incarnates in the ...

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Contact for Initiation

Contact for Initiation Initiation is given by Sat Guru Shrimat Paramahansa Sarananandji Maharaj, HE is the present Guru of Sant Mat Anuyayi Ashrams. Devotee has to visit personally to ...

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Mission 1. For spiritual aspirant to serve spritual path and peaceful atmosphere to elevate the spirituality .  liberating Self Knowledge to lead the ...

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1 sadguru ke shrimukh se Administrator 923
2 Brahmavidyalaya- Shrimath Gadwaghat (GURU-SHYSHYA UPANISHAD) Administrator 555
3 Sant sang janai paramarth ki batiya Administrator 1087
4 Sadguru ki Anivaryata Administrator 851
5 Prem ki Tadap Administrator 2137
6 Leela of Sadguru Administrator 2269
7 Math Gadwaghat Administrator 13118
9 Divine light from GURU GRACE Administrator 2936
10 GURU-TATWA Administrator 2692
11 Aadi Jigyasa Shishya ka pratham prashn Administrator 1576
12 Guru Bhakti sukhad,sulabh aur sugam sadhan Administrator 2673
13 Sagun hi bhakti ka aashray Administrator 4179
14 The Grace of GURU is the highest wish of desciple Administrator 3517
15 शाश्वत गुरु-परम्परा गुरुकृपा का सतत प्रवाह है Administrator 1551
16 'Naam'An Unerring Maha-mantra blessed by Satguru Administrator 4223
17 Self Realization through the continuous rememberence of satguru Administrator 3427
18 Para Vidya ke Data Sadguru Administrator 3885
19 GURU-TATVA Administrator 3234
20 Sadguru Kruipa-The perennial source of spiritual property Administrator 1643
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